Seed Treatment

Each seed starts with the same potential. Giving every seed every advantage is what BASF Seed Treatment is all about.

Seed treatments empower every seed and every farm to reach its full potential. At BASF, we are leading the way to see how high and far a seed can grow and are committed to cutting edge technology, innovation and testing to deliver true value.


Powering Potential

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Root to Root, ILEVO is the best

ILEVO® Seed Treatment is the only proven winner against both Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN). It’s been tried and tested year over year, in the lab, on test plots and verified in the field by farmers.


Nematodes are present in 65%-75% of all soybean fields and cause up to 2.5 bu/A loss for every 1,000 eggs at planting. SDS continues to be a major issue in soybean-growing regions with a presence on 25%-35% of acres. Soybean growers trust ILEVO the proven winner against both SDS and SCN.

Real Fields, Real Results