Unlock the potential of your fields. It all starts with selecting the right variety for your agronomic conditions. With the range of seed varieties and genetics from BASF, you can choose the seed with defense packages and herbicide-tolerant traits that’s best suited to your local conditions. These flexible seed options enable you to overcome production challenges to maximize the value of your crop with high yields and quality.

BASF has six state of the art soybean breeding facilities across North America, skilled breeders equipped with the latest technology and breeding methods, and superior germplasm and herbicide tolerant trait packages designed to deliver varieties that fit your needs. Our soybean breeding program leverages a wide variety of techniques to build better Credenz soybeans through molecular-assisted breeding, computational biology, genetic modification, traditional breeding and field testing.


BASF Soybean Seed Breeding

Premium quality. Maximum quantity.

FiberMax cotton seed varieties deliver premium quality and high yield potential in a trait package with pest management tools tailored to control your toughest weeds and insects.

Cotton puffs on a plant and bale of harvested cotton


Cotton seedlings and cotton blossoms in a field

A good start sets up a great finish. 

Stoneville cotton seed varieties deliver strong, early vigor that translates high-yield potential and premium quality – all in a trait package with pest management tools tailored for your toughest weeds and insects. 

Real Fields, Real Results