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Overhead view of field with American flag cut in it and tractor spraying crops

Liberty herbicide delivers superior weed control across multiple trait systems, including LibertyLink®, LibertyLink® GT27®, Enlist E3® and XtendFlex®.

With a unique mode of action that provides excellent performance on key driver weeds, Liberty herbicide has greater application flexibility and unmatched convenience, with no known weed resistance in U.S. row crops, and is backed by the Liberty Herbicide Weed Control Guarantee.


Results based on five years of trials where Liberty herbicide is applied according to S.T.O.P. Weeds with Liberty herbicide guidelines and as part of a complete weed control program where an effective residual product is used followed by Liberty herbicide. Greater application flexibility compared to other trait-specific herbicides currently available.

Always read and follow label directions. Liberty and LibertyLink are registered trademarks of BASF. GT27 is a registered trademark of MS Technologies and BASF. Enlist is a registered trademark of Dow AgroSciences. © 2020 BASF Corporation. All rights reserved.


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